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​Whether you are looking for weight loss, muscle gain, to increase sports performance or just more energy we can help. With one to one wellness profile to discuss your goals and current habits, we work with you by tailoring a programme that easily fits into your day and work with you to get you results! Please note; this is not a 'crash diet' or 'dirty bulk' - our programmes are simply to follow but take your dedication to create a healthy active lifestyle.

As an ex Restaurant Manager, I thought I had a pretty good idea of balanced nutrition. But when I fell pregnant, I became extremely tired and found it difficult to keep up with the long day and hustle and bustle of the hospitality environment. A friend mentioned that perhaps changing my breakfast could help and so I was put in touch with a 'Coach'. He told me all about this shake and at the time I remember thinking 'there is no way that having this 'milkshake' in the morning is going to help me on a 12 hour shift! But after a few weeks I was eating my words! - I had far more energy, felt more alert and craved less throughout the day when following the advice that he gave me to coincide with the breakfast programme I was using.

Once my daughter was born I realised just how bad my nutrition had been throughout the majority of my pregnancy. I had gone up 3 dress sizes. I went back to my coach and asked for his help - within 9 months I had dropped 20% body fat, litres of visceral fat, bought my metabolic age down from 43 to 17 and dropped 4 dress sizes!! Needless to say I feel great​.

Adding in fitness and finding my passion for group exercise alongside the use of a nutritional sports range the results have been fantastic, more muscle, more tone, further energy increase. I have never eaten so much, but I understand what my body needs and have the ability to balance my nutritional intake throughout the day. " - Sarah, testimonial 2017